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"Six Concerts for two keyboards composed by Padre Antonio Soler, fun for the Most Serene Infante of Spain Don Gabriel de Borbón "


L’entretien des clavecins born of the friendship and musical knowledge of the repertoire for two solos harpsichords beetwen Agustín Álvarez and Eusebio Fernández- Villacañas.
Pupils since 1999 of Harpsichord MasterTony Millan, both specialize in Early Music, Harpsichord and Continuous .
His historicist and spread of the instrument quest leads them to form the "Association of Friends of Harpsichord " , based in Madrid, for the promotion , cultivation and study of Ancient Music, and regularly organizes master classes with international teachers like Jacques Ogg, Guido Morini , Christophe Rousset, Luc Beauséjour , Béatrice Martin , Silvia Márquez, Enrico Baiano and Nicolau de Figueiredo .
The repertoire addressed assumes all the major moments in the history of musical literature for harpsichord in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, from Couperin to Rameau , through the famous Spanish musician Antonio Soler.
Also been involved in the assembly and preparation of project the integral of the Concerts for one, two , three and four harpsichords by Johann Sebastian Bach.

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