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Spanish Lyrical Song Recital

Performed at Carnegie Hall

Camerata Lírica de España presents a recital masterfully performed by Tenor Rodolfo Albero and Master Manuel Ariza on piano, which  offers the possibility of sinking in an impetuous period of History, breathing first-hand the essence of that time. As it would be said today, it is the soundtrack of an Era, whose day to day life and ambiance of mannerisms and authentic picaresque was so masterfully portrayed by Spanish Master Painter Francisco de Goya, and which remains decisive in the genesis of the great Spanish romantic myth. In order to show different kinds of songs from this period we have made a thorough selection of a varied range of styles, such as jotas, aires por granadinas and romantic songs, all of great influence to decisive and important composers from the second half of the 19th Century and beginning of the 20th Century, who created a sort of verismo and realistic song that became very famous and which even remains today. 

Tenor & Guitar format

Tenor, Choir & Orchestra format

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